Achievements in socio-economic development – eloquent proofs of the leadership of the Party

Starting from an underdeveloped country with low-level economic, social and law background, severe aftermath of wars and sanctions, our country ushered in the progress of development with numberless difficulties. Nevertheless, under the Party’s leadership, in spite of limitations in social life, it could be said that up to now, Vietnam has achieved comprehensive development in the economic, political, cultural, social, defence and security fields, and made significant contributions to the development of human beings, which has been acknowledged by the international community.

In the 30-year reform, thanks to sound guideline on economic development, Vietnam has gained impressive achievements highly appreciated by the international community. After 10 years of the reform (until 1996), the country had overcome socio-economic crisis; 25 years later (until 2010), it had changed from an underdeveloped country into middle-income one.… Đọc tiếp

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