Distorting history: a wicked trick of hostile forces

Whenever our country prepares for its significant events, the hostile forces manage to distort and reduce the importance of those events. These days, when our country is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the August Revolution and National Day, that trick is once again used, even more vigorous, aiming at denying our people’s revolutionary achievements. Thus, one of our vital task is to identify, strongly condemn and deny the trick.

That is the argument denying the great merit of President Ho Chi Minh and the important role of Marxism-Leninism to Vietnamese cause of revolution. To play the trick of “defamation”, they argued that “Ho Chi Minh imported Marxism-Leninism with the theory of class struggle, which led to “fratricidal struggle” for a dozen of years; that Ho Chi Minh was a nationalist, using Marxism-Leninism as his tool; and that the application of Marxism-Leninism in Vietnam was a historical mistake”. Nevertheless, historical facts are incontrovertible. President Ho Chi Minh’s life, cause of revolution, and talent are respected by the Vietnamese and appreciated by international community. The 24th session of UNESCO General Conference in Paris (from 20th October to 20th November, 1987) passed the 24C/18.65 Resolution on marking the centenary of the birth of President Ho Chi Minh as “Vietnamese hero of national liberation and great man of culture” in the year 1990.

As mentioned above, the trick of “defamation” failed to deceive the people. However, more ridiculously, they distorted that “importing” Marxism-Leninism into Vietnam was a historical mistake, only bringing disasters to the nation because that ideology was “exotic or strange to national tradition”.

History in the 20th century showed that the Russian October Revolution and revolutions for national liberation upholding Marxism-Leninism created a new path to build a society in which there would not be any exploitation or oppression among people and nations. History proved that without Russian October Revolution and USSR, the Allies could not have defeated the fascists, in another word, there would not have had the 1945 August Revolution in Vietnam. V.I. Lenin said that Marxism was not a dogma. It was the “lodestar for life”. It can be understood that the revolutionary theory needs to be appropriately applied and developed in the context of the times and nations. Keeping aloof from the methodology, we surely suffer from losses, even a collapse of our regime.

Being loyal to and flexibly applying Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh thought, our Party and people have gained important achievements of historical significance in the cause of reform: the economy is stable with pretty high growth rate; people’s living standard is ensured and increasingly improved; defence and security are strengthened; the country’s status and power are raised. Vietnam is the symbol of “revolution heroism”, an outstanding example of “hunger eradication and poverty reduction”, and a bright spot for foreign investment and tourism. Vietnam is increasingly involved in the world politics; establishing diplomatic relationships with 180 states and territories, including 13 strategic partnerships and comprehensive partnerships. Vietnam has been a member of WTO; and elected as a Member of Human Rights Council at the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly; the ASEAN Secretary-General 2013-2017; the Presidency of the 132nd Inter-Parliament Union Assembly. Vietnam’s status and its prestige are unceasingly raised in international arena. Nowadays, the socialist regime Vietnam and other socialist countries as well as the left-wing movements worldwide are still developing vigorously; especially, China, the second biggest economy of the world, is a vivid evidence for the eternity of Marxism-Leninism to best refute all distortions.

Annually when our country celebrates the anniversaries of August Revolution and National Day, on the Internet, the hostile forces release arguments in order to distort the significance of these events.

Vivid fact of historic days in 1945 August proved that the success of August Revolution was not a “stroke of fortune” as someone hurriedly and ambiguously claimed. The August Revolution’s historical value and significance of the times are undeniable. Nevertheless, there are still people trying to distort the historical facts and support the hostile forces to sabotage the Vietnamese Revolution. How ridiculous and compassionate it is!.

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2 thoughts on “Distorting history: a wicked trick of hostile forces

  • 30 Tháng Mười Một, 2015 at 3:36 chiều

    Vietnam is not only the name of a war. Whether it’s a glorious war. Glory to the people of Vietnam and also the biggest shame in the history of over 200 years of American. And now, Vietnam is striving to overcome the consequences of the devastating war with America … to be the world acknowledges that a dynamic economy, a stable political system, a country itself friendly and safe ….
    If Americans do not launch wars of aggression in Vietnam is better than a lot of the people of Vietnam and the Americans. Now Vietnam has overcome what do the Americans leave. But Vietnam will succeed.

  • 30 Tháng Mười Một, 2015 at 3:42 chiều

    There are critics of Ho Chi Minh, but this time the whole world has acknowledged his greatness.
    The 24th session of UNESCO General Conference in Paris (from 20th October to 20th November, 1987) passed the 24C/18.65 Resolution on marking the centenary of the birth of President Ho Chi Minh as “Vietnamese hero of national liberation and great man of culture” in the year 1990.
    The evaluation of the whole world always correct and fair.


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